Monday, December 30, 2013

Enroll to Receive Important Emergency Alerts from Village of Arlington Heights

Residents and businesses have an opportunity to enroll in Arlington Heights’ Mass Notification System that enables the Village to quickly disseminate critical information during emergencies. The Everbridge Mass Emergency Notification System allows Village Officials to send out important messages regarding natural disasters, missing persons and other crises affecting the community.

The Emergency Alert System is capable of delivering messages across several communication medium including; cell phone, e-mail, instant messaging, etc. Emergency Alerts are automatically sent to all listed land line phone numbers in the Village that have AT&T service. However, residents with phone service provided through cable or internet providers need to opt into this program to receive alerts. Those opting into the system can also add additional contact information, in order of preference, into the system. This will ensure that residents receive important messages at any time, no matter where you are.

In order to receive messages by cell phone or other electronic device, residents must OPT IN their personal contact information by clicking on the “Citizen Alert” banner located on the right side of the Home Page. Residents that do not have internet access at home may still register either at the Arlington Heights Library or through a family member or friend. After following the step-by-step instructions and selecting their preferred methods of notification residents will be ready to receive information in an emergency. Click here if you are ready to register now!
Through the registration process, residents can also choose to “opt-out” and remove their contact information from the notification system. Those who opt-out will no longer receive emergency notifications.