Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Arlington Heights Village Board: Kirchhoff Road West Drive Exit from Northwest Community Hospital to Remain Permanently Open

Arlington Heights Village Board members voted Monday to keep the west Kirchhoff Road exit open permanently, after a trial period

Traffic consultants studied the driveway at four different points, and found that only about two percent of vehicles went north into the neighborhood north of Kirchhoff, contrary to earlier resident concerns, said Nicholas Peppers, lawyer for the hospital. In April 2011 about 200 people -- mostly residents of neighborhoods north of the hospital -- attended a village board meeting with many opposing the west end exit because it might cause extra traffic in the neighborhoods north of the hospital.

Residents in the neighborhood, just east of the hospital that is bordered by Kirchhoff Road and Central Road appreciate the opening of the west exit because with the exit closed, people exit on Central Road and then cut through their neighborhood to get to Central Road.

Trustee Thomas Glasgow initially voted against the temporary re-opening of the west exit, but changed his mind after learning the results of the study that observed patterns while the exit was temporarily open.

Just a little interesting note: Kirchhoff Road is spelled with two h's" in Arlington Heights, and one "h" in Rolling Meadows. The one-"h" version is an anglicized version of the German name "Kirchhoff."

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